is a multiplatform web magazine on teachers, students, and families. This fall, we will introduce a continuing series that profiles 1 middle school teacher and 2 middle school students over one full school year.  Each week, we’ll produce an original episode that follows individual storylines, including romantic interests, family dynamics, and classroom learning.  And between each episode, we’ll add new audio, video, and text to help listeners understand characters and context more deeply.

Yes, what happens inside the classroom matters. A lot. But what happens outside the classroom matters, too.  Everything matters more.

School|Life broadens and deepens our conversation on education reform, student learning, and school achievement. We document real lives of real students and real teachers in a real public school. The program will show failure and success; hope and struggle; engagement and distraction. Our goal is not to promote any specific practice or reform. Our goal is to show a more full, more detailed, and more complex reality. To show a more complete picture of student lives, student learning, and teacher instruction. To show that our schools, like our lives, are full of challenge, conflict, and meaning.

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